Desmond Reeder
Hello world, 

My name is Desmond Reeder. I'm 45 years of age, Brown skinned, brown eyes, 280 lbs, 6'4" stallion. I'm currently incarcerated for 2nd degree controlled substance/DUI. My hometown Detroit, MI I but, came to MN in lieu of a business degree.

For the duration of my time, I've involved myself in various positive programs such as: thinking for a change, anger management, building character, restortive justice and chemical dependency, just to name a few. As well as maintaining a steady work history and no discipline.

I consider myself as a thinker, hard worker, good listener, fast learner, very ambitious! While also adding, down-to-earth, driven, diligent, family oriented, upbeat, spontaneous, adventurous, pleasing, receptive, a G-spot locator, and contain a vast sense of humor. Just to name a few! :)

I'm a pretty clean-cut guy, a bit meticulous and loves to look and smell good. I like many types of food but spaghetti and fish is to die for! I also consider music to be "the epitomy of life". Like all humans, I to contain flaws one of which ultimately resorted me to being incarcerated. However, I've concluded that I'm 100% certain that this is something that I never wish to experience again. That's why I'm taking action while I'm here. I'm seeking a good woman sincere and goodhearted. Yet, understanding and appreciates a good man. Furthermore; willing to go above and beyond to keep the family together and please her man. I prefer chemistry and compatibility over anatomy. I'm generally concerned about developing a sturdy bond and friendship. Someone I can converse with and share true feelings. I'm looking for my soulmate so I can marry.

I was skeptical on getting on here however I'm optimistic about the outcome. Therefore, I highly recommend a lady who's willing to give me everything that I'm missing in every aspect of life. My reintergraton into the community is essential, which I'm due to be released soon. So what you put into us you definitely receive more. We both can offer a chance, I promise to give you whatever you're looking for. Trust me, you'll have no regrets.

Mr. Desmond Reeder

Desmond Reeder # 207217
MCF-Moose Lake
1000 Lake Shore Drive  
Moose Lake, MN 55767 USA
Women, Donations
African American
Controlled Substance
Release Date
06/25/70 o4
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Ad Expiration:09-12-20