Joseph Henderson
My name is Joseph, or Bay-Boy which ever you use is okay with me.

I'm hopeful that I've caught the eye of someone that is respectful, loyal, and appreciates the value of forming the type of alliance that is unbendable, unbreakable, and unending.

I am 39, amiable and mature. I enjoy traveling, going to events, shooting pool, tossing darts, reading poetry, comedy clubs, boating and many more things. Since I've been incarcerated I've gotten my high school diploma and graduated multiple self-improvement programs. I'm not judgmental, but someone must be stable minded and mature. I believe in being friends first.

I am adventurous, passionate, goal oriented person of high caliber, hopefully you're the same. I am a gentleman of leisure on a quest of finding that bond that many dream about, a bond that allows two people to escape into true love and happiness and build the correct armor to shield them from the many battles and blows that will surely test their mettle.

I'm looking for a woman who likes to write and enjoys intellectual conversation about life, past and present events. Someone that understands that life has setbacks and, but those experiences should only inspire us, making us stronger. Under the surface you will find a gentleman who will love you with his all, listen, support, and protect you when you're afraid or unsure.

For anyone who wants to contact me right way you can go to jpay website and sign up, type my inmate # 206749 and you can send emails, photos, and video grams, if you're interested please delay us no more, right now we have unlimited opportunity for us to grow and grab a monumental stauus irrespective of where I am. So lets get started on this wonderful friendship, hope to hear from you soon with respect. Bay Boy.

What's the longest relationship you've been in
What separate you from other women other than your physical?
What are some of your biggest accomplishments?
What was your family like?
What do you want to leave as a legacy?
What do you value in men?
Joseph Henderson # 206749
MCF-Rush City
7600 525th Street
Rush City, MN 55069 USA
Women, Donations
African American
Aid Abet/Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-03-18
Ad Expiration:05-03-19