David Fife
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Full time female pen pal wanted. Candidates should be female 21 or older.  No special skills required.  Just sincere women wanted.

Hi!  My name is David A.K.A. Jonny Favor, LOL.  Yeah; you have conjectured correctly.  I’m in the slammer.  Nonetheless many folks around this crazy rock have had a loved one or sidekick confined before. I’m searching for a woman with whom to partake in this and other events.  I would like to parley with a woman who perchance has a broken or lonely heart.  A broken or lonely heart about anything or about any time.  Just the same, I too have been down through that path on those implaccable waves before, as well as through many other unfortunate and thirstful moments. However, this isn’t about me, this is about you.  Yet, I feel comfortable enough to assist the lovely lady out there who might be broken hearted or lonely or whatever and just desires someone with whom to discourse, to the winsome woman reading this little summary, understanding isn’t something I just acquired or learned, it’s connatural as are a few other traits. A preborn heritance.  It forms my basic structure.  So forget about your worries, call on me. Don't be afraid.  Reach out to me.  I’m standing by. Share with me your innermost emotions and feelings.  Tell me a secret. Tell me what’s on your heart. Please know that your missive doesn’t necessarily have to be about the above specifically.

Feel free to dialogue with me about anything  you wish.  Should this sound enchanting to you or even if it doesn’t and you’d like to communicate with a single male, caucasian, no little boo boo's from Plano, TX… Then I’d be elated in corresponding with-you.

Thanks for visiting my profile.  I’ll respond to your every message. Every woman has a secret - tell me yours, Thanks once more. David

Ad Start: 12-09-21
Ad Expiration:  12-09-22
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Serving A Life Sentence