William Binghan
William Binghan # 2050376
Eastham Unit
2665 Prison Road 1
Lovelady   TX   75851   USA
Hello World,

Please allow me to introduce myself in the most humblest fashion. My name is William E Bingham III. I'm a 6’ 3, 241 lbs strong-minded black man, who is very conscious about his history. I'm a man of integrity, a man who is committed to values such as loyalty and respect. One of my main hobbies is being a guard dog trainer. I also enjoy landscaping, I'm very self educated and most of all I'm an outdoors man. To be able to connect with nature is a beautiful experience.

I would like to admit, I'm totally against ignorance. Men who fight a woman is something I cannot condone at all.

I'm a protector and home help provider. Some of the worst kinds of questions are the ones that people do not ask, never just assume anything. Always seek out information for yourself. My main objective is to meet someone who is equally fun, exciting and outgoing. A very understanding person is ideal. I'm hoping in advance this notation reaches that special someone wherever you are.

Peace and blessings, I leave with you until we meet. To conclude at the dearment like I'm without a picture to send. More important is who I am as a person.

Ad Start: 01-20-22
Ad Expiration:  01-20-23
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