Dante-Corvette Stone
The ‘Gallery Ad’  was purchased for you, so you can come as close as you're comfortable.  The fact that we're here shows our common interest in humanity.  We both have a unique, priceless individualism that we’re willing to share and hoping to receive in return.  That's TRUE and that's REAL.  I'm a humanitarian first.  People are the greatest asset.  Secondarily, I'm a realist (one who is able to separate reality from opinions, even their own, and we'll defer mostly to reality).  They say, “Real is really rare.” # Truth.  I have a larger than life essence, in a good way though.  I'm selfless, compassionate, caring, loving, concerned, considerate....Growing-up I was the person my younger female cousins would run to when their boyfriends were out of line.  If it was time for one of my childhood friends to knuckle-up and throw-down over their respect I was right there to keep it clean and fair.

When it came to women I was/still am a hopeless romantic.  My third-grade crush was a girl in my class.  I kissed her hand in Spanish class.  By Middle School it was on to poetry.  I'm intelligent, courageous, charming, loyal, dedicated, tactful….I'm not one to mislead.  I'm very up front and honest.  My truth is that I know my worth.  If someone can't see it they're losing-out.  In 6th grade I scored in the top 1% of comprehension for the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky.  In the non-traditional college entry exam I scored in the top 4% that year.  I practiced martial arts and competed as a child.  From ages 11-14 I never lost a match, (I got it handed to me in a couple of training sessions though.)  Succeeding, excelling and winning are my way of life.  It comes naturally.
Some of my hobbies/interests are: dogs (animal lover), cooking, health/ fitness, shopping,  traveling….I've written, performed and co-produced Music.  Video/ table games, reading and sports.  I have abundant interests; they're also my passions.  I identified myself as pantheist/mixed for my religion, because although I ally with the laws of nature and physics as a higher power I still study and practice rituals from other religions.

I'm serving a life sentence with parole after 20 years on a WRONGFUL murder conviction.  I'm still fighting fiercely to clear my name and regain my freedom.  Aside from the fact that the case was a lynching and not a trial (they literally broke every rule, procedure and law, and violated every right), the star witness against me contacted me while in prison and admitted in recorded calls, that've been submitted in court that everything they’d testified to was prejury, and the prosecution intimidated them into perjury.  Hopefully, I'll get released soon.

Although, “seeking donations” is indicated, everyone is welcome, donations or not.  Furthermore, I'm an investment, not a charity.
Don't view any contribution as a donation, I say that truthfully, out of respect for self and others..  As a genuine person myself, I find no shame in reassuring you that I'm not here to misuse anyone.  I'm the person who stood up for what was right when others couldn't or wouldn't.

I hope you're informed, entertained and intrigued enough to contact me ASAP.

Your time is appreciated. Thanks for spending it with me-

Dante-Corvette Stone # 204434
Eastern KY C C
200 Road to Justice
West Liberty   KY   41472   USA

Ad Start: 11-25-21
Ad Expiration: 11-25-22
Women, Friends,
Legal Help
African American, Native American
Murder (Wrongfully)
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
Parole 2034