Bacilio Aguero
My name is Bacilio, however, I am known as Lio.

I am 23 years old with a birthday coming soon in October. First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to inquire about me and perhaps to share some words and experiences with one another. I am currently incarcerated in the Texas Department of criminal justice system serving a sentence of 10 years. At this point, I have served half my sentence.

As you can see, I began my sentence at a very young age. At the time, I was an immature young man. I have set my priorities to focusing on my future and what I can attain in my life. I am not a religious person. I still fall short in many areas of life, and, in all honesty, conviction to a certain religion is one of those areas. What has been your life's journey so far?

I enjoy drawing and tattooing, and I'm very good. Well, at least, that's what I've been told! :) I also write poetry and music, and I am in the middle of writing my first novel. However, my absolute passion is to one day operate my own barbershop. What is your passion in life?

I believe that I was given life to experience all that this life has to offer, and I strive to live that life with the highest of standards. I realize that time is valuable and I seek to share some of that time with you.

Thank you

Bacilio Aguero # 2042365
Darrington Unit
59 Darrington Road   
Rosharon, TX 77583 USA
Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon
Release Date
Ad Start: 08-27-20
Ad Expiration:08-27-21