Derrick MItchell
Hello world! 

My name is Derrick Mitchell. I am a 40 year old  (virgin) LOL, Colombian American serving time in Texas. I'm 5'10", 190 lbs. and in great shape. I'm a Christian who loves God and spiritually grounded in my faith. I let God lead my heart instead of my feelings. I have a BA in business, studied law, and enjoy reading books in my spare time. I served overseas in the United States Army. Go Army!

I'm extremely loyal and love life no matter the circumstances because circumstances and situations do color life but, I have been given a mind to choose what the color shall be. I value all relationships, big, small, difficult or easy, because apart from them the world has no meaning.

I would like to be a positive aspect of someone's life to build them up, encourage, and mentally stimulate their mind, body, and soul. I'm looking for open-minded people who are interested in intelligently cultivating my mind so it doesn't run while behind these walls, and an occasional weirdo to write would be interesting to… Just not too weird (no freaky guy stuff please) humor me!

I'm looking for a friend, someone that is willing to write me when they have time (writing is a refuge in its own way). I'm not looking for sex, it's not going to happen through the mail . So no birth control required. LOL. Life behind these walls may not be that interesting but I make the best of what God gives me. As for my life this is it for the time being, so if you would like to write and bring a smile to someone's face, then I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

God Bless
D. Mitchell
Derrick Mitchell # 2036740
Ellis Unit
1697 FM 980 
Huntsville, TX 77343 USA
Women, Men, Friends, Legal Help
Hispanic  Columbian
Christian Non-Denomination
Aggravated Assault
Release Date
Soon Anyday
Ad Start: 11-26-20
Ad Expiration:11-26-21