Steven Monroe
First off, I’m not here to waste your time by playing dumb games or to beg for money, but to find some interesting new friends out there. I'm LGBTQ+  friendly and very much willing to write overseas as well.

I'm looking for people who are unique, unbeat and non-judgemental; who are down to earth, open minded and willing to have “deep’  conversations every once in a while.

Someone who will share their dreams and memories; who will tell me about their good days, as well as vent about the crappy days.

I'm not interested in fake people who are afraid to be themselves because they feel I won't respond. I want someone true, someone real. Just be you, flaws and all!  I won't judge.

In a nutshell, I'm laid back. hard working country boy that enjoys the simple things in life, like home cooking, cruising down old dirt roads, working with my hands and playing guitar around a campfire.

I miss spending time outdoors, camping and fishing With a people and pets I love.

Recently, I graduated at the top of my diesel mechanics class.

I'm open, sincere, honest and know how to be a true friend but I'm also not Mr. Perfect either. I've got my flaws and Imperfections, my internal conflicts and personal battles as well. In short-I'm real.

When not working, I spend my spare time reading fictional novels, playing role playing games, making plans for the future and writing letters.  Anything to take a mental vacation from my little concrete box.

So, if  you’re still reading, you must surely be interested and therefore should hit me up and tell me about yourself.

I'm always down with meeting someone new!
Steven Monroe #2034198

Steven Monroe # 2034198
Wynne Unit
810 FM 2821 W   
Huntsville   TX    77349 USA
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