Axel Ries
Eric Hoffer once said: "Many of the insights of the saint stem from his experience as a sinner." I have no idea who he was, but his words ring true.

I'm not the "smiley" type, growing up with teeth that could eat corn on the cob through a barbed wire fence caused that. Braces fix that, so I do have a decent grin. I am not perfect, I know quite well that I'm not always right & that I make mistakes have made more than I like to admit in my past, and will continue to make them; although I'd like to think I learn from them nowadays.

This is my first time being incarcerated, and I can guarantee it will be my last. I'd never been arrested before all this, and it was a very unpleasant experience. Along with all that followed. However, this changed my entire perspective on life.

Before my incarceration, I was, simply put, and emotional unstable person; and emotions can dramatically distort one's motivations. Early alcohol use did not help… Looking back, I see the error of my ways, so, I'm attempting a change. To better myself in any way I can.

I've learned to to be truly grateful for all one receives, that things could always be worse, & negativity gets you nowhere. Not saying that I'm immune to bad days, it's just easier to be optimistic. I'm attending college offered through the New Directions program, working to earn my place in a trade that I not only enjoy but will benefit me at my release.

At my sentencing I told the judge (along with everyone else and court room) that when I left prison I'd be a stronger, smarter,& overall better person. I will make good on that. It won't always be easy, but nothing worth doing is.

For those familiar with the Myers Briggs personality types, I'm an ISTJ. You can find my facebook page at, it should provide a look at my life pre-incarceration. I'm not exactly sure what's on it anymore, but I know shots of my ride are on it! I miss her…

If nothing else, living an "alternative" lifestyle brought some noteworthy escapades, respecting anonymity of course. I can't to be a complete POS, but I can come close :). I'm a lover of most music genre's, but I'm a metalhead at my core (literally & figuratively). I cannot express how difficult writing this was, I can only hope it was worth it. For both you and me.

Hope to hear from you!

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