Cynthia Federhofer
Greetings, earthling.

My name is Cyn, I'm 28, 5'5", brown hair and blue eyes. I feel as though being in jail has taken something from me... like maybe I lost my spirit along the way. This life isn't for me if I've gotta do it alone, so I'm looking for someone to finish out this time with me. Please don't bother sending me a request if you're not going to actually talk to me.

I'm looking for a couple things from you: I'd like a penpal who can become my friend and remain so once I'm out. I'd like a mentor if you're about that life. If not, someone who can tell me about their life/interests and/or who has knowledge to share.

I'd like to be your sugarbaby. Whether you'd like to be a father figure or the more taboo "Daddy" is up to you. I'd like to think I'm funny but due to boredom and monotony, I'm in need of someone to challenge my intelligence or just match my wit. Inspire me to be a smart ass again. I'm a super bitch, a super freak, and I wanna grow up to be a superhero. The police seem to think I'm a supervillian or at least a mild annoyance.

I like art and music, food and hippie stuff and anything explorative or new. Send me a connection request, send me pictures, send me love. Screw it, send me hate mail. I'll talk the talk right back. Love you! Hope to begin communicating with you soon. <3
Cynthia Federhofer # 2026810
Polk County Florida Jail
2390 Bob Phillips Road   
Bartow, FL 33830 USA
Burglary Unoccupied Structure
Release Date
Ad Start: 12-24-20
Ad Expiration:12-24-21