Cynthia Federhofer
If you're looking for love, you've found it.  If you're ready to set the world on fire, to take flight, you've found your partner in crime.  I want to be the reason your world spins.  Make me your entire universe and I'll make you mine.  Love with your every breath.  Find me and learn how to love and be loved if you haven't already.  I've been a tortured soul, but I've found redemption in myself.  I've made many mistakes, yet learned from them all.  I'm at a turning point in my life where I'm ready to leave behind alL the bad, all my wrongs, and move forward to positivity and clarity, success and happiness and endless possibilities.

I have intense aspirations and all the determination in the world to become somebody and to make my dreams a reality.  I need someone in my life who can feel me in the deepest ways.  I need a best friend, a mentor, a lover, a partner.  I need you to be the one to help lift my spirits and also to help me succeed in achieving my goals.  I need you to care for me in every way that you can.  Help me to reach the climax of my life and live in rapture with me.

Cynthia Federhofer # 2026810
Polk County Florida Jail
2390 Bob Phillips Road   
Bartow, FL 33830 USA
Burglary Unoccupied Structure
Release Date
Ad Start: 12-24-20
Ad Expiration:12-24-21