Kyle White
Hi, my name is Kyle and I’m seeking friendship. I’m very goal oriented and I’ve accomplished so much in here while incarcerated. My release date is coming up soon and I hope to build a relationship before I get out. I’m a pretty hard worker when it comes to keeping a job, my careers are heavy machine operator, manufacturer, fabrication, basically I’m a certified first year apprentice electrician. So, you can tell, I ain’t never broke. Right now, I just want to grow and add on to my list of contacts people who are willing to meet up and perhaps on your free time go out and have fun in the great outdoors or play at the shooting gun range, may be go hunting game, go boat and fishing and hit up a casino just to be spontaneous! As of now, all I do is artwork and exercise to keep busy.

As far as extra curriculars go, I’m really extending my education. My goals are achieving a business degree. I like to write music/poems. So hopefully, I can become a music producer or own a medical marijuana shop/dispensary, since it is legal here in Arizona.

If you’re interested, please reach me at Jpay or via.

Kyle White # 202422
ASPC Eyman SMU 1
P O Box 4000
Florence   AZ   85132   USA

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