Edward Elliott
Edward Elliott # 2017027622
Johe E Goode Pre-Trial Detention Facility
500 E Adams Street
Jackson   FL   32202   USA
My name is Eddie, I am currently being held at the john E. Goode Pre-Trial Detention Facility (The Duval County Jail).  ln my home town Jacksonville, Florida.  I have been here since Nov 2017 and am still fighting my charges, the worst being armed robbery.  The charge is really bogus.  I will explain in detail in future letters.  I’m NOT a violent person, and the mug shot of me is horrible. You can search my name and find pictures of me.

I like being a family person, fishing, camping, auto racing, etc.   I love being outdoors.  I love pets, but not too many.  I have a great profession doing auto collision repair (Paint and Body Work) and make good money when I apply myself.   I still have my last job when I get home.

I am looking for someone to spend my life with as well as friends.  I also love kids and Jesus Christ.  I plan on finding a nice church to go to when I get home.  I also have had my own business painting houses and am interested in building another company, doing what I’m not sure of yet.

As far as a woman goes, I’m looking for someone who won’t play games.  I am in pretty good physical condition and am very active, but like laying around the house too.  I like going to the gym some times and running.  I also enjoyed watching movies.

I’m 42, and age difference is not an issue, neither is race or nationality. Weight is not much of the problem either but we should share the same likes.  I am also willing to relocate to a new area or state.

I look forward to hearing from you.  God bless.

Ad Start: 07-22-21
Ad Expiration:  07-22-22
I Love Jesus!
Charged with Armed Robbery
Release Date