Al Barlow
Hello free world, 

How are you all doing? Fine I hope. As for me, against all odds, I am doing very well.

First off, please allow me to thank God for His grace and mercy, thank you Father God.

I'm also thankful for a strong and supportive family, I love and miss you all. Thankful for health and friends (past & present). Definitely cannot forget my legal team, I love y'all too.

My name is Al Barlow, family and friends call me Poncho. I'm the father of a beautiful young woman.

About 5'9", Native American and Puerto Rican descent (speaking English only). Born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Photos: blue jeans-2005 tans-2014.

I enjoy going to the movies, basketball games & skydiving. "SIKE"-LOL-Hope you all know that those things are not at all possible at the present moment. (smiles) I definitely use humor to get by.

Really though, I spend my time doing a daily personal Bible study, church and law library once a week. Often doing legal work. (Reading, writing or typing-the struggle continues).

I work as a tierman, I enjoy listening to music, playing poker, chess or video games. I play a few intramural  sports. (Basketball, volleyball, and soccer). I try to exercise daily. (Calisthenics mostly). And I use the telephone regularly.

I mentioned legal work and my continued struggles. I am here for crimes against my community. Gun violence stemming from circumstances I-myself created. Crimes I am sorry beyond words for committing.

On January 13, 2017, I'll be 20 years and five appeals in. The last two appeals of which I was blessed enough to be successful in, my case is currently in the Connecticut Supreme Court, so I'm hopeful.

And that brings me to the P.P.P. site, if it's God's will, I'll be free, and prayfully soon. Regarding freedom, I have visions of how life may be as it relates to housing, employment, education and nonprofit, and I'm very excited and optimistic about life's possibilities, however, I've been on this journey for some time now, without the friendships of females, and contemplating intensely as to how I'll fare being reintroduced to the social and dating scenes.

So at this juncture, I am hoping that the P.P.P. site will assist me in breaking down some of the barriers that I face, assisted me meeting women who may be willing to help me understand, or bring me up to speed as to what the dating life is like for men and women of today. I sure would appreciate that.

I'm looking to connect with women who are open-minded, strong and positive, women who may simply appreciate sharing some laughs, hopes and dreams.

I grew up in a very diverse community so I invite everyone to reach out. I hope to hear from you, YES YOU!! (Smiles).

Thank you for your time & God Bless
Al Barlow # 201077
MacDougall Correctional Institution
1153 East Street South
Suffield, CT 06080 USA
Hispanic, Native American
Criminal Attempted Murder/Assault 1st°
Release Date
Ad Start: 12-22-16
Ad Expiration:12-22-18