Frank Valencia
Frank Valencia # 19a0716
Shwangunk Correctional Facility
200 Quick Road
Wallkill   NY   12589   USA
To whomever this concerns,

Peace, love and lots of abundance. My name is Frank Valencia, I’m 22 years old, I’m Mexican American and I'm a Cancer.

I’m currently serving 24-Life for 2 different felonies, the main crime listed in my “Profile Description”. On the contrary to what my record says I consider myself very family orientated, genuine, polite and easy going.

I have great family support fortunately enough, but due to the fact I’ve been locked up at an early age, I never got to make any true relationships and friendships, being on the street. Thankfully my family never left my side, therefore, I’m looking for an understanding and stable female friendship/companionship.

I made it through alot and I have a sincere and genuine appreciation for life and what it has to offer. I am interested in meeting someone to create a more exciting, productive and pleasant life.

I enjoy Rap and Latin music. I’m into dressing well and keeping clean. I love speaking about almost anything.

I very much appreciate whoever would like to take their time to know me and make time to furthermore communicate with me.

Have a beautiful day.
Peace and Love

Frank Valencia

Ad Start: 04-21-22
Ad Expiration:  04-21-23
Believe in God
Aggravated Attempted Murder on Police
Release Date
Eligible for Parole 2041