Gordon Sanders
Gordon Sanders  # 19959006    
P O Box 3007  
San Pedro, CA 90733 USA
Hello, my name is Gordon.

I plan on getting out early by programming. Hopefully in two years. I'm a boiler operator maintenance man, engineer, retired firefighter. I've never been in trouble till 2015. I plan on never going through this ever again. I miss my home in the mountains. My nights sitting in my hot tub overlooking 8 miles of mountain valley, snowcapped mountains, Northern lights while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

I'm a gold mine are at heart. I did it one season and fell in love with the outdoors and bringing home gold. I plan on owning my own mine soon. I look much younger than I am.

I love beautiful women, ones who look good for her man. I like aggressive women, not bossy. I'm a giver you must be one as well. I enjoy sex you must be open to every level and cared for, not into drama or games. I like all types of women, you must be honest and loving. I'm a little wild be okay with that.

Send me a letter, may be a pic and let's talk.
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