Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin # 1992628
Hughes Unit
Rt 2 Box 4400
Gatesville   TX   76597   USA
Greetings with respect. Hope you and your loved ones are doing well.
If you're looking to chop it up passing time, my desk is cleared.  Please understand though, I have 60 years, so I'm only looking for a friendship. I've been locked up going on 10 years with 20 more before eligible for parole if I can't give this time back.

I'm charged with aggravated assault with deadly weapon. Please don't believe everything you watch on First 48 or from the media.

Changing subjects, I'm fun-loving, easy-going and like having good times with loved ones and friends. Now I hope to leave you laughing.

Billy’s first grade class is having a quiz about fruit. The teacher asked what's orange and grows on trees? Billy's hand is raised but she calls on another boy, he says it is an orange? Teacher says yes, I like the way you think. What's red or green and grows on trees? Billy's waving his hand around but she calls on a girl, she says it is an apple? Teacher says yes, I like the way you think. Billy’s jumping around waving his hand. The teacher says what is it Billy? He says since you're asking questions can I ask you one? She says go ahead. Billy stands up, pushes his hand down his front pocket digging by his groin and says what's round, shiny, and has a head on it? She tells Billy to go to the office. I won't stand for such behavior. Billy says wow wow it's just a quarter, but I like the way you think.


Ad Start: 03-24-22
Ad Expiration:  06-27-24
Aggravated Assault W/Deadly Weapon
Release Date