Mark Ramirez
To all the females that show people on lock love here on this site I just want to say  ya'll are a bless 'n.

My name is Mark Ramirez. To keep it 100% I'm lonely and I've been single for six years. I need me a bless'n.

I got a minute till I can go home, so friendship is what I'm looking for. Friendship is cool.

I'm 33 years old from Austin, Texas. I'm Hispanic I'm 5'11" and weigh 196 lbs. I got dark brown eyes, I'm medium brown complexion and got black hair. I know this is probably important so I'll be honest I've been locked up six years so far, I come up for parole in four more years. I have 14 years left on my sentence so if I don't make parole in four years it'll be between 4-14 years till I come home. I plan to make parole. "It's in God hands."

Personality wise I'm fun, cool, honest. I got a street demeanor with a hustlers energy. I'm no kid though, I keep it 100% with people. I like to read and I know how to draw some, maybe I could draw for you.

Some interest I got is I like reading business books. I like coming up with new ideas for interventions that could make money but I don't want to bore you with all that.

Since this is an intro, I'm leave the details for when I find a female who wants to write me. If you write me a Jpay letter, put your address in the letter so I know where to write you. I'll be waiting. So write me if you're interested.

Much love
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