Kiante Simmons
Missing - We’ve never met, but I’m enraptured by your smile, We have never spoken, but your voice can drive me wild. I have never, ever held you, yet I long for your embrace, I could spot you in a crowd of thousands, Yet I have never seen your face. I spend hours with you daily, if only in my mind. You’re like a ship on a vast blue ocean, I’ll forever try to find. Our future is already written, yet our paths have yet to cross, so each day I scan the horizon till I find the ship that is lost. It’s been said, “the finer things in life only improve with age.” From exotic cars and Renaissance art to musical instruments and symphonic masterpieces. My name’s Kiante, I’m 44 years old and like the wine of my namesake. I am aged to perfection. Typically, fine wines are paired to either a masterfully prepared meal or a decadent dessert, my question is, which one are you?

Throughout my incarceration for drug trafficking, I have learned many things, one of them is that life is far too short to spend half of it in search of the right person, the clock is ticking: are you the right person? I am from Chicago and enjoy the fast-paced lifestyle afforded by a large city, but I can easily adapt to the country and learn to enjoy the small town lifestyle as well. I love all kinds of music, however, I find that I lose myself in the soulfulness of R&B. I do not smoke nor do I drink. I am physically fit and young at heart and I desire the same in whoever I choose to spend the rest of my life with. Age is not nearly as important to me as maturity. I’m not interested in games unless it is a friendly game of chess. The best relationships begin with outgoing, loyal friendships. I am looking for that friend who is energetic, outgoing and open, a lady who enjoys being outdoors and appreciates long, meaningful walks and deep conversations. If you too enjoy music write to me and let me add your song to the soundtrack of my life. I wait anxiously for your response. Kiante

Kiante Simmons # 19833-026
F M C Rochester
P O Box 4000
Rochester   MN   55903   USA
Ad Start: 08-19-21
Ad Expiration: 09-19-22
African American
Drug Trafficking
Release Date