Albert Smith
Hello world! 

I am a 32 year old aspiring author and songwriter full of meaningful thoughts, positivity and love.

Allow me to start this off by saying I truly appreciate you tapping in and viewing my ad.

Well as you know I am incarcerated and hopefully this doesn't change your perception of handsome gentle man behind the photo. As it is not the bars that define the man behind the photo  but the man behind bars that he finds himself and if granted the opportunity I shall gladly do so.

Well here's a little about me. Feel free to tell a lil about yourself or a lot :). I'm in Arizona native athletic. Fav colors: blue, green, black. My Astto signal is Pisces.Fav foods all of them :) my likes and hobbies are reading, writing, making people smile, working out physically and mentally and listening to music.

The majority of people would say that I'm the last gentleman left emotionally, truthful always pride in my motives and forever loyal. A str8 thinker who listens better than a man who can't speak yet possesses phenomenal conversation and am seeking a friend who has tasteful qualities about themselves is open-minded, dependable and is willing to contribute some free world normalcy to an un-normal situation. So if that may be you ot close to then I'm hoping for you to be the light and my darkness and shine bright for me at mail call.

Stay blessed.
Albert Smith  # 197527
ASPC - Eyman-Browning
P O Box 3400  
Florence, AZ 85132 USA
Women, Men, Friends
African American
Aggravated Assault
Release Date
Ad Start: 08-22-19
Ad Expiration:10-22-20