Cody Thayer # 1972599
TDCJ Clements Unit
9601 Spur 591
Amarillo   TX   79107   USA
Cody Thayer
Hey you!  Yeah you!  I'm not really sure why you're about to click that mouse button and go any further, though I can promise that you have landed right where you need to be. And if I may say, end your search.

If you're looking for friendly companionship, Someone that is outgoing, respectful, smart and understanding…although lonely but far from being boring, confined rather than “free” and willing to write long, interesting and meaningful letters, then here I am.

My name is Cody and I am a fiery Leo who's full of life and compassion for humanity and animals especially.  I was born in August of ’92 and am 29 years old. I'm currently incarcerated in the barbaric and inhumane Texas Department of Criminal Justice serving a 10 year sentence.
I by no means discriminate against any  gender, race, age, a religious belief, political stance, sexuality, likes and dislikes, performances and opinions won't be judged by me. I'm not a judge. All are welcome. I'm just a guy doing time, looking for a friend that doesn't mind corresponding and sharing ideas and interests.  So do us a favor, I'm here, will be here, patiently waiting to hear from you. I'm in the pen and need a pa! 🙂

Behind these cold, lonely walls, I've come to cherish the “little things” in life, such as mugs of cocoa on a cold winter's night while sharing an intellectual conversation with a friend You bond with unlike anyone else on the planet. During those precious moments, one can almost forget the many miles that separate us physically.

I'm a country boy through and through and I love animals with a deep passion.  So come prepared for a decent and well-mannered gentleman, who's not afraid to get a little dirt on his boots.
So grab a pen and paper and explore this realm of infinite possibilities.
It's sure to leave a smile on your face each and every time!

I look forward to meeting you, while I breathe, I hope…

Assault / Public Servant
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Ad Expiration: 02-17-2023