Johnnie Patterson
Johnnie Patterson  # 196998    
Baraga Correctional Facility
3924 Wadaga Road    
Baraga, MI 49908 USA

How are you doing? My name is Johnnie. I'm a 48 year old man that's in search for a good friend. I have less then two years before my release and I'm in need for a good friend.

Here's a little about myself I'm dark skin with brown eyes, I'm bullheaded with a goatee. I have a good personality that love people and having fun love to smile and keep a smile other people's faces. But, know when to be serious :). I'm 5'11" and weigh 190, like to play sports and occasionally work out! I'm from the east side of Detroit, and like to travel. I have 1 daughter that 17 am very much in her life.

I'm going to end this letter the way I started, in search of a good honest friend. You'll gain a good honest man that you could talk to about anything you don't want to lose out on what could be something good for you. Most important I'm not a picky person. Weight, color or what you're into doesn't matter. Just reach out with your heart and let's build something that can be a wonderful thing! Hope to hear from you soon.

Your hope to be friend.

Please include name and address within letter when writing.

P.S. I could also be reached by J-Pay.
African American
Drugs Possession w/
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