Alvin Valadez
How would you describe yourself?

Me? You go into a bookstore and you come across an old book. It's been worn, torn and rough around the edges. There are other books, new books, shiny books, use books, half-price books, all kinds of books. Suddenly, you remember that old saying, "never judge a book by its cover." You grab that ole book and find an amazing story that inspires you and encourages you. You think, hmm? I almost passed up this book and you smile. You also think about the character in that book and realize good friends are hard to find. I have good news for you! You just found that good friend because I am that book. :)

We all have a story and I would love to hear yours. I have a generous, laid-back and easy to get along with attitude. I like the Cowboys, the Spurs and the Cubs, midnight scary movies-yikes! :) Suspense novels and I'm reading the "Outlander"series for the first time. I like to utilize my BBQ'n skills whenever I can. How 'bout some spicy lemon lime chicken and shrimp or some Mesquite smoked burgers and ribs all fired up on a grill?! Hungry yet? LOL.

Dancin' to country songs or groovin' to 80s jams is fine so are loud outdoor concerts, especially on the beach. Watching fireworks explode in a night sky is neat and I want to go to a medieval festival or visit a winery to sip on Rose flavored winds all day.

Have a great day and write soon!
Alvin Valadez # 1966952
Connally Unit
899 FM 632 
Kenedy, TX 78119 USA
Caucasian, Hispanic
Possession of Controlled Substance 1.2 G
Release Date
Parole Review Early 2020
Ad Start: 01-24-19
Ad Expiration:01-24-20