Alvin Valadez
In your haste walk into a  bookstore. It's been a long day and you figure you'll grab a book to relax with once you get home. You walk around and notice a 2 for 1 section that has an assortment of books, some new, some shiny, some pre-owned. You choose a new book & a shiny book. Suddenly, you get an emergency text and need to get to the hospital ASAP! In your haste, you grab the books, turn to go but, accidently, drop them back on the table. Without noticing you grab them again not realizing you've picked up a "pre-owned" book. You rush to pay for them you hand the cashier the books and begin to text back. You give her your debit card and in your haste, still, don't realize one of the books isn't your original choice. She returns your card, bags the books and you're out the door. You speed to the hospital and find your friend. Turns out, the baby has arrived-perfectly! You quietly thank God it wasn't an actual emergency but a pleasant surprise.

Finally home you reach in the bag and decide to read. The new book is boring, you toss it to the side. Oh, a "preowned"book you don't remember choosing!? "Never judge a book by its cover", you think. Wow! You love it and can't put it down great book-great character! You close your eyes and imagine a person like that. Guess what? I've got good news. I'm that book. :)

Alvin Valadez # 1966952
Telford Unit
3899 Highway 98 
New Boston, TX 75570 USA
Caucasian, Hispanic
Possession of Controlled Substance 1.2 G
Release Date
When Approved for Parole
Ad Start: 01-24-19
Ad Expiration:01-24-21