Jesse Gil
Hi, I'm Jesse. 

I'm 28 and I'm Mexican and Native American with a little Irish as well.

I've been locked up for two years and I have 1 more left to go, it has been tough but throughout the struggle I still manage to keep my head up and think about the positives instead of the negatives. One positive for me as that prison has actually helped change my life for the better, nowadays I am a more caring, loving person. I've graduated earning my GED and planning on enrolling into college after I'm released. I've also focused on getting myself healthy mind and body.

I love working out ever since I fell I've hit the weights and now I'm just doing cardio to tone up. LOL getting ready for my parole, and I'm so excited about my future and to finally be free. As you most likely will find out I am in prison for 4th Degree assault, strangulation, felony eluding.

I am a very honest person so that's why I'm being up front, just understand that back when I committed my crimes I was not my true self, heavy drugs and alcohol played a major role in my past but I ask you to not judge me, take a chance to get to know me and see for yourself that I am a changed man.

I've made mistakes in life but that does not make me a mistake. So I'm here looking for someone who's down to finish my time with and then some? Someone who is honest and loyal, whether we're just friends or something more, either way I'm down as eva... So please feel free to write me and don't hesitate to ask me anything?

I hope to hear from you soon.
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4th Degree Assault, Strangulation
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