Jeremy Fortisi # 19606-030
United States Penitentiary N-220
P O Box 1000
Marion   IL   62959   USA
Jeremy Fortisi
Come take a vacation to the state with the great city of Chicago in Marion, Illinois! I'm looking for a pen pal to write, get pics from, visit me and maybe hang out with when I leave prison. Any pics are fine, except nudes. Here's a little info about me. I love boating, fishing, exploring new areas, traveling everywhere, learning new things, video & board games, playing sports (mainly baseball & basketball), walking & wrestling my Saint Bernard fur babies, improving my business, making money and seeing my family. Going to casinos, restaurants, hotels, bars, road trips, concerts and driving around randomly is my idea of an ideal Friday night or hosting a bonfire at my family's house works too, depending on my mood.

I am always improving myself. Right before this bogus conspiracy charge, I was toning my body by running a mile every morning & going to my gym that specializes in America Ninja Warrior-like workouts. I live in Iowa, I'm 31 years old, I don’t have any kids, I had my own amazing apartment right before getting arrested. I have 2 motorcycles, 2 cars, a dirt bike and I'll be getting a new boat & camper when I'm out. I have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 ducks and sometimes I find a raccoon or rabbit.

I have a few jobs-security guard at concerts & sporting events, delivery driver using my own car that takes me all over Iowa & sometimes out of state with flexible hours, managing my business  and I will be renovating or “flipping”  houses shortly after I get out of prison. I am very goal-driven and well be going back to college for networking, HVAC,  automotive, electrical or plumbing.

I will be leaving prison the lightest class of felony, so getting my own apartment or house could be hard. I welcome a roommate! If you want to see me while I'm in prison, write to me first so I can send you the invitation form &  instructions.

This is my first & last time in prison. I hope to visit Europe when I go home & I may live there or live there for a 2nd residence. I'm up for trying almost anything once  out.

I'm a lot of fun to be around, so come see me!  The judge gave me 60 months of prison. I have 26 months in already, I get 6 months or hopefully more of halfway house, something called the First Step Act will take off 8-12 months and federal inmates serve only 85% of their sentence. I will be back near Home in Spring of 2023. The website may not have my release date updated until October-January.

Jeremy Fortisi #19606-030

Because I am fun, exciting, energetic, goal-driven and love trying new things, come see me at USP Marion soon!

I'll try almost anything once.

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Unknown, Not Religious but not Atheist
Using an Interstate Facility to Transmit Information
March or June 2023
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