Billy Harris
Billy Harris  # 1944087   
Coffield Unit
2661 FM 2054    
Tennessee Colony, TX 75884 USA
Here is a little about myself.

I am dark skinned with a bald head. I am 5'11", 235 and in good shape. I am a Capricorn my birthday is on New Year's Day. I am a laid-back dude and open-minded with a great sense of humor. I am an outgoing person that likes to have fun going out to eat, shopping, traveling, swimming, walking through downtown, I like animals as well.

I am a person you can communicate with and I am not a person that doesn't see things one way. I also have a personality that a lot of people will love to have or be around. I don't changeup or have channeling feelings it be hard, but I remain the same person on a day-to-day basis even in my current situation.

I do honor a friendship. I have did some childish things in the past and learn from my past it's experiences. I have grow and matured. I look at life differently now. I take life serious in people's feelings as well especially women because they are sensitive people by nature.

I don't discriminate at all. I am welcoming everybody from all walks of life that's in search of a friend to click on my page and write me. And we can conversate about whatever you choose to there are no limits on the conversation. I am a person you can trust to talk to about whatever you've been wanting to talk to someone here I am. It's no restrictions on what we can talk about I am here with open arms.

African American
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