Bernardo Serano
I would like to first introduce myself.

My real name is  "Bernardo Serrano" a.k.a. name "Juice", from Brooklyn, New York but currently stay in Houston, Texas on the south side of town. Well I was born in Puerto Rico but came to New York when I was five years old. Oh yea, my age is 32, currently single plus "no kids". Ok I'm in prison for a burglary and got 10 years for it, but I'm going on five years already into it just a "Huge" mistake I committed but learning from it completely.

It's been a very productive five years on working on change, having different views on the new person I've become to be "Success"in this world. So I'm smart, down to earth type of guy, funny at times, gangsta, gentleman mixed in one.

Like to do new things and explore because life's stay in one place. Love all people, very social at times. I stand on my morals, value the things I cherish most is family, friends, faith, things of that nature, truly "loyalty"to my loved ones plus honesty is a must. I'm pretty basic, happiness in life. Changing lanes.

Well I'm looking for a beautiful, smart, have values about very independent ready to take over the world type of woman. A woman that has great ideas ready to build on positive things, work on building a great empire, focus on legacy ready to exchange thoughts to upgrade each other.

Because life is based on moving forward and progress, Rome, sexy notes what she wants out of life. Stay down by law honest, loyalty because that's what make people family not blood. Like I said I'm pretty simple but she got to be independent because to me that's the best part of being grown, determined to have goals to reach success by any means.
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Hispanic Puerto Rican
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