My name is. McKenzie. I'm 6’6”. I'm a God-fearing Christian who weighs 240 lbs. White, single male. Divorced due to her cheating. I'm looking for someone who is not judgmental and willing to work with me, not against me. I have my GED and a clean bill of health. Non-smoker, non-drinker, no drugs of any type. Blue eyes, facial hair and some tattoos.

My interests are fixing cars. Pretty much anything broken I can fix it. I enjoy country, rock and some Gospel. I'm a very serious man who has a lot to offer. I'm not selfish or childish. I'm 29 years old, born 12-10-93.  Sagittarius. No mental or physical issues at all.

My current situation is always changing. My lawyers have recently made it clear I'm going to beat my case. So judge me not but feel free to speak your mind. But most of all remember this is for serious inquiries who wish to get to know me NOT judge me.

All may add me on the free JPay app so we can exchange emails. Or write me direct at the provided address.

Peace, Love, Respect.

Please go to Facebook and look me up to see what I look like.


McKenzie Hellman # 1930573
Wallens Ridge State Prison
P O Box 759
Big Stone Gap   VA   24219   USA

Or JPay.com
McKenzie Hellman
Caucasian, Native American
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
Ad Start:  11-03-2022
Ad Expiration:  11-03-2023
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