Gerardo Torres
Greetings from Cheshire Correctional the paradise of all paradises (pun intended ). 

I'm composing this profile in hopes that the attention of a special lady who's in search of a literature confidant. For I am seeking someone to write also. In an attempt not to bore you I think it's best that I not list things such as age, height, hobbies, or habits. Nevertheless.

I will go so far as to say that I'm seeking to connect with someone that enjoys the process of becoming friends just as I do. The infancy stage is what's most pleasurable to me because it's during this period that we often put out the best of ourselves. We tend to profess and proclaim characteristics that heighten our personality in hopes of gaining each other's affection. Then, time moves forward, thus the connection has matured and that's what the phrase (promises makes friends but performance keeps them) determines the validity of the friendship.

This being said
My name id Gerardo Torres (I.S.O.) friendship that's composed of mutual understanding, loyalty, devotion and trust all bound together by love. Now that I've introduced myself to you, how about you do the pleasure of telling me who you are and once we make the initial contact I promise to bore you with talk of hobbies and habits if you'd like?

Hopefully I'll receive your letter tomorrow which means you sent it a few days ago (LOL). Pardon me for being presumptuous because in all honesty I humbly await your letter.


Gerardo Torres # 191627
Cheshire Correctional Institution 
900 Highland Avenue   
Cheshire, CT 06410 USA
Women, Friends
Hispanic Puerto Rican
Release Date
2058 Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 10-22-20
Ad Expiration:10-22-21