Antwain Burks
Antwain Burks # 1913867   
Richard  P Leblanc Unit 
3695 FM 3514  
Beaumont, TX 77705 USA
How is everybody doing out there? Fine I hope.

I'm looking for some friends that are loyal. I'm currently in prison, but I'm still fighting to prove my innocence. That's kind of a long story.

Sometimes do you wonder if love is real? I wonder it now because I feel like a big fool. I was with this woman for some years and I really loved her, but when I came to prison, I got to see the real her, which she was gone in 60 seconds :( so she could not have loved to me.

I've been in prison for almost 6 years and have accomplished things. I was working on my associates degree that we had to evacuate our unit due to "Hurricane Harvey"and got stuck on this Leblanc unit where they don't have any college here.

If you don't mind just being a real friend, don't hesitate to write me or jpay.

I just turned 33 April 2. I have a 14-year-old daughter that I talk to when I can because her mother is a trip and busy doing her own thing.

I'm waiting on some loyal friends that want to exchange letters.

God bless
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