Lemuel Mosely
Lemuel Mosely # 1913006
Hughes Unit
3201 FM 929
Gatesville   TX   76597   USA
To begin with, I will give you a brief description of my physical self. I stand 6 ft 2 ½ in. and weigh 238 lbs. I have broad shoulders, I sport a shaved head, a light beard and have medium brown complexion. On February 18th I turned 34 of age!  My family and homies call me Mookie. (LOL) So I guess you can call me Mookie too, okay.

I really do not smile no more because I do not got shit to smile for at all right now. Because prison is undoubtedly a very horrible place to be under any circumstance, but even so, I try to used it to my advantage by reconstructing some of my old habits. I have truly learned to try and appreciate some of life's simplest gifts. God, if I could only reach that special person before I leave this earth, I would do anything. That someone who is willing to live to the fullest with me. Someone who is not afraid to take a chance. Someone who can share my dreams, and then accomplish those dreams together.  Someone who is open enough to grow so close together as one, that in the very midst of a crowded room of people, we could sense what each other is thinking just by making eye contact. Someone who is willing to go that extra mile when the tank reads empty!!

I learn life is crazy, the more I realize how little I know. You go all your life being taught that up is up and down is down then one day you discover that neither exists!

But before I go, I want to say please if you playing games or full of shit do not write me please. But if you is a real one please get at me.

Thank you for your time today.

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