Joshua Wiley
Joshua Wiley # 191206
P O Box 600
Canon City   CO   81215   USA
Hi, I'm Josh.
To be honest I was wondering if this is something I should invest in due to my belief of people not interested in someone that's incarcerated but I was drawn into doing it for some reason. I don't have much time left so it occurred to me that maybe it would be beneficial to connect with someone without the physical and to truly get to know that special someone on a more deeper level. I'm open to any race, age or religious preference. I've been through so much in my life that I value those moments when I can grow and become wiser and I would love to connect with someone that I can share those experiences with. As I get older I find myself wanting and needing that person I can be head–over-heels over, deeply in love, growing with.

My plans upon release is to go and get my commercial driver's license. I'm ambitious and sort of have a free spirit so someone who could compliment that would be ideal but I'm open to it all. I'm laid back and enjoy music, fashion and photography.

You can go to  and open an account to send messages and photos that you can send from your cell phone but please include your address in your message so I can write back because I can't message you back but if you would like to snail mail that's cool too. Just send a photo with your letter.

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