Shayna Stout
Shayna Stout # 1911213   
Luzerne County Corrections 
99 Water Street     
Wilkes Barre, PA 18702  USA
My name is Shayna.

I'm a sexy little 5'1", 130 pounds female who is willing to try anything once. I can talk to anybody about anything. I have long hair and hazel eyes that I've been told look so sexy.

I'm looking for someone to keep my attention and keep me laughing. I'm a loving spontaneous free-spirited person. I believe in fair chances although we're all not given them.

I've made mistakes but I'm far from a bad person, I'm just in a bad place.

I love thunderstorms and the pouring down rain. I love the way the leaves change in fall and make room for the new. I love imperfections and flaws and everything and anything. We all have room to grow. I love the unknown and I constantly question it. When I love I love with all I have.

I tend to think the worst sometimes and occasionally need reassuring. I'm crazy, paranoid, wild and a little insecure at times, but I promise I can be your favorite person!

If you're looking for someone to keep your attention and keep you distracted in more ways than one, here I am, take a chance and get to know me! I can't wait to hear from you.

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