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May peace be an asset of with us, knowing spiritually is the purpose of God creation, it's a reason we are created in his image to love one another, God is love; so with that being said I'm looking for companionship there's a balance in life likes scales. Women are the balance to men so that we protect, cherish and love them every day of our lives. I believe that's every man's purpose towards women! Now I explained my intentions heres an intro about me.

My name is Davon oney/Demina Graves I'm black/Dominican desent. I'm from Houston, TX LOL big city big dreams. I've been incarcerated since I was 14 from 2013 up until now seven years so you can imagine how much wisdom I have now @27. My time is getting short, so to establish friendship and trust I'm going to be completely honest in my letter, no game. I've wasted enough time as it is feel me.

I don't have no kids. I want to have some once I am on my feet, I love kids TBH. I'm in prison for aggravated robbery. I take full responsibility for actions builds me to believe I've grown into a stand up man. I've learned from mistakes so I don't believe I'll make decisions without thinking twice. LOL. I would like to further my education being I graduated from HS, Ima intelligent gentleman/gangster LOL. I'm a Gemini so I'm funny and witty.

So if I meet your standards don't be afraid to write. Hey I'm sorta kinda handsome. LOL. Remember keep God first in peace be upon you-positive energy always creates elevation!

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Black Dominican
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Parole 12/15/20
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