Keith Dillingham
Keith Dillingham # 1889947
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston   TX   77351   USA
I’m a people person who enjoys other positive minds when viewing life.  I rather observe than be the center of attention, and my conversation tends to be intellectual.  I believe in being honest at all times regarding anything and everything, for no matter the relationship honesty plays a major role.  I also believe in being loyal, non-judgmental, and trustworthy at all times.  I’m defined as someone who’s loving, authentic, very reliable, well educated, optimistic and exciting.  I’m a God fearing man who loves meeting new people, and great at displaying the fact that all men are not the same.  One of my gifts is up-lifting people with words of encouragement.

I’m seeking someone who is caring, understanding, and confident about whom they are.  One who displays their true personality, has great qualities, and knows the direction they’re headed in life.  I love a person who is stunningly beautiful within, because it’s not about what’s on the cover, but what’s inside that matters.

So being yourself is the only way to capture my attention and win my heart.  So please remain honest with me at all times as I do the same, allowing as to set a naturalistic foundation for our friendship and denying deceitfulness the opportunity to interfere with what God has established.  And as I seek the friendship of a Queen.  I assure you that my only obligation is to build you up in strong and noble thoughts.

I’m just looking to be an ear and a shoulder to cry on, a heart that does not judge and understands, and time devoted to you alone.  Well, I hope to hear from you.  And please send your address.

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