Shawn Reynolds
Shawn Reynolds # 188295
200 Road To Justice
West Liberty   KY   41472   USA
To my new best friend,

We haven't met yet, but I'll tell you what will happen. I'm going to treat you like you're the greatest thing to ever happen to me, cause you might just be!
I'll make you laugh and be the shoulder for you to cry on and always be supportive to all your needs and pleasures.

I'll be here for you to lean on and to be that extra ear to listen through the good times and bad.  I don't judge beauty and will only go off the quality of their loyalty, honor and pleasure for who you are and want to do inside.
I don't play mind games or lie to you.

I'm very upfront and honest, what you see in these sexy blue eyes is real, only wanting to build something different and new in my life.  Maybe this is you…so know I'll be that special voice over the phone when I call on them lonely stressed out nights or them amazing mornings when we all need that extra moment alone before our day starts.  I'll always enjoy your laughs and company and just getting to know you, as we grow into our bond and enjoy our hobbies together.  I'll do my best to making sure writing me was the best decision you ever made, as I do have JPay-email but unable to use it, so contacting me by letters by mail is the best way at this moment and time.

I hope you like what you see and read and won't keep us both waiting long.
So we can start something new and become best friends forever.

Sorry this is at the end of the letter, but I'm able now to use and have full access to email.  Thank you and hope you ladys won't keep a good thing waiting. . .


Ad Start: 02-17-22
Ad Expiration:  02-17-23
1st Trafficking, PFO I
Release Date
Parole Board 10/01/2022, 03/05/2032