Robin Millsap

I believe that success can only be achieved through failure and that there is a solution to every problem. I also believe in never giving up because it's my experience that it's only after situations become their darkest that the light starts to shine, revealing things that you never knew were possible. I now strive to reach greater heights daily to realize my full potential.

My activities while here have included being an avid reader and creative design. I have also learned such skills as landscaping, HVAC, maintenance, grill cook and my current position as a boiler operator with an earned OJT as well as being OSHA certified.

My free time has been spent in learning communications, philosophy and biblical studies.

There's a saying that I believe reflects my situation and it goes like this…
"The same boiling water that hardens the egg also softens potato. It's not only the circumstances that determined the outcome, it's also what your made of".

Despite my situation, I am an everyday person who is seeking to build friendships to quell some of the loneliness that's associated to places such as this. At times I feel like a captured Princess who awaits the arrival of a champion.

I have a lot of experiences to share; some good, some incredible and some just downright crazy. Maybe we can live vicariously through one another if you'd like to write me. Maybe my current situation and my past mistakes will shed some light for you on the decisions in your life and we can both become better people because of it.

I am interested in sharing with you openly and candidly with the intention of building lasting friendship.
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