Klaus Anderst
Klaus Anderst # 18611-273
P O Box 1000
Leavenworth   KS   66048   USA
Klaus (like Santa) and I am a SWM  from South Dakota.  Currently I am in prison for selling things that aren't entirely legal. Long story, ask if you want to know.  In short, I'm not a career criminal nor have I ever robbed or hurt anyone. This is my first and last prison term, my  days of black marketing are behind me. I signed up for this site to meet new people. I have friends of many races and genders so don't be shy. Straight, Bi, Trans and everyone in between are welcome to reply.

About me. I like rural areas and enjoy the great outdoors. Other hobbies include cooking, travel, gaming and plotting revenge against those who I feel have wronged me!  Yes, I have a dry sense of humor. The little things in life constantly amuse me. I listen to rock and classical music. I may seem rough around the edges at first but once you get to know me you will find I'm anything but. I drive a Dodge Ram and wear Carhartts, but will ride a bike or wear pink when the mood strikes. I'm very  sensual and love giving massages. Candlelight, hot oil, the works. I don't like spicy food but love anything coffee flavored.  There's always a big BBQ grill on my deck and I use it all year long. I'm willing to risk a toe to frostbite in order to deliver a perfectly grilled steak.

My idea of a hot date is Chinese takeout and cuddling on the couch with a bad movie. I have a green thumb and am known for the tasty cabbages I allegedly grow in the garage.

Interested? Good! I look forward to hearing from you. Tell me a bit about yourself.

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