Lawrence Dame
Lawrence Dame # 185895
Oak Park Heights
5329 Osgood Avenue North
Stillwater   MN   55082   USA
Hello, I’m Lawrence. My friend in the picture is Doyle. I was part of a rescue program in another facility. Unfortunately, the program was cancelled and I have some space to fill.

I like to paint. I do mostly landscapes, although I have done some abstract in the past.

I enjoy reading, fantasy fiction, science fiction & horror.

I read books on occult knowledge, (I have had experiences throughout my life that I can’t rationally explain). I will also attempt to have a discussion on extraterrestrial life with anyone who will engage.

My math skills are not great, but I do enjoy numbers, perfect squares, sudoku, etc. I am currently working on prime number theory. I would love to prove it or find out if it has already been discovered, but my resources are non-existent right now.

I watch sports; Football, Hockey, Soccer. I play video games, watch movies and listen to music. I also watch NASA Ch religiously.

I am looking for interesting ways to pass the time. Even though I am never leaving prison (in this rotation), I am still a person who is asking questions about the universe I live in.

I would prefer correspondence through JPay, but letters are fine as well.

Ad Start: 12-23-21
Ad Expiration:  01-23-23
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence