Harold Stevens # 185359
Lakeland Correctional Facility
141 First Street
Coldwater   MI   49036   USA
Harold Stevens
I'm an older man, easy going, kind-hearted, doing a life sentence, conspiracy to commit murder in Michigan carrie's 1st degree murder. Very good prison record, none violent.

I'm divorced, 5 '8, 72 years old, silver and black hair. I'm always interested in others' interests, life. I have a lot of empathy for others.

In prison over the last 38 years I have worked in prison mostly as a mechanical maintenance mechanic. Also other jobs such as chaplains clerk, chair reupholstery, other jobs. Also trained, did P.O.A.  prisoner observation aid. I mentor talk to prisoners who try to commit suicide. An as needed job.

I have many interests, world events, church services, gardening, radio talk show, Public Service radio, Coast to Coast etc. Favorite TV Ministries are Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyers Ministries.

Music is big in my life in here,. Christian music, early Pop, Rock, Early country, foreign music,  like Shakita, Brazilian Pop, esp (XUXA) Brazilian & Country music. Some Spanish, Chinese Cantonese Pop. Some other Foreign music.

Family: one brother in Lansing, one step bro in Oregon, one daughter, granddaughter and son in law in Pennsylvania. Very friendly oriented, granddaughter now 15 homeschooled, very sweet young lady.

We have snail mail here please include name, return address in letter. As envelopes are destroyed, letters all photo copied, originals tossed away, State worries about drugs coming in. We also have J-pay service here. Stamps can be bought from J- pay and letters, pictures sent. Very reasonable, fast.  All can be downloaded on J-Pay Players.

Hope to hear from others
Thank you

Howard Lee Stevens

Women, Men, Friends
Caucasian, Native American
Conspiracy to Commit Murder 1st Degree
Serving A Life Sentence
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