Charles McManus
My Name is Charles I am 38 yrs old.

I am looking for someone down to pass some time with me.I am a county boy and a gentleman. I am compassionate, loyal, and honest to my core so if we decide to become penpals which I hope we do just be sure and don't ask a Question that you might not want an honest answered to it. I am serious but also the joking type.

My heart is HUGE.I am also an Artist that can draw a few cute things and getting better at it everyday. I am looking someone to ride my time out with me. I would love if you sent me photos any photos they really brighten up my day. can you tell I love getting photos? LOL I am not looking for a sugar momma just a friendship that could be un comparable to any in your past.

I love writing letters. I believe in destiny, fate and free will because I feel that one day soon I will meet my soulmate :) because I believe beauty comes from the inside of a person not the outsideI am I am not a racist nor am I judgmental Age and race ARE NOT and issue so please don't let that move right past my name

The only way I can receive mail is the snail mail usps we are not set up in there with computers So when you send me a Jpay please put your address so that I may answer your letter.I am an excellent listener and talk with you on a wide variety of topics.I come up for early parole in  every November, early release date is Non 2022 I am a Momma Boy and my MOMs heart is golden.I love being out doors for fishing and such but I truey and a homeboy My favorite night out is a night in cooking and just watching tv. I am not much a partier, if that could be a deal breaker :) I don"t smoke and I don't drink so hopefully we cant start writing to was other soon.just remember to send your  address enclosed in my JPay email so that I may write you back.

Oh forgot to add that I don't smoke nor drink

Sincerely Charles McManus
Charles McManus # 1851729
Darrington Unit
59 Darrington Road  
Rosharon, TX 77583 USA
Evading in Vehicle
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Ad Expiration:07-25-21