Ashley Kaufman
Ashley Kaufman # 184538   
Sterling Correctional Facility
P O Box 6000    
Sterling, CO 80751 USA
Diamond Dawg from Arkansas, "AK".

I was born in Brewton, Alabama. I got out of prison, Draper, AL. Oct 5, 2004 EOS 1st degree robbery. Moved to Fort Smith, AR. My past followed me and I made criminal choices due to not bein able to live workin without a skill, day laborer. I joined a group of elite brothers that struggled to thrive instead of survive, that isn't motivted by hating anothers race or culture, but are simply proud to be ourselves.

I received a life sentencer for killin a child molester. I faked mental health issues in order to have a chance at gettin temp insanity, turnin state evidence, or hurting anyone else cause of my actions wasn't an option.

I'm currently on Facebook, Ashley Eugene Kaufman from Brewton, Alabama.

The time I was givin was eccessive and I have a chance to get a reduction. I'm considered a top notch convict, inmate amongst others due to never  bein on P.C. stealing, debts, no homo, all work, no play.

If you send me a email, include return addy.

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Murder 1st Kidnapping 1st Battery 1st & 2nd
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
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