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Ashley Kaufman
Big respects from The Diamond Dog from Arkansas, shining in the Colorado Rockies! I go by “AK, Diamond Dog”, and as of May 15th or 16th, Saturday night 2021, my eyes have opened enough I can see good enough to write. On Mother’s Day, I got into a light gang bang and it resulted into me getting sent to Canon City EMS and having 31 stitches to my face, my nose broke, tear duct broke, fractured jaw and fractured rib cage. My eyes have been swollen shut since Sunday. I’ve been in the hole since then, sleeping and bumping into everything on a liquid diet. I think that’s the worse of it, drinking state food! My whole face is tattooed. This evening I could see well enough out of my right eye, which is royal blue, and the whites of my right eye are tattooed pure black, gives it an alien look. I went to indoor rec and did 10 chin-ups, rest 5 secs, 10 pull-ups, 25 hanging knee raises, 25 regular squats, 25 toe touches, 25 calve raises, 25 push-ups, 25 mtn. climbers non-stop, in that order, back-to-back for 1 hour straight. Then went showered, shaved, used nail clippers, and back to my 7 x 13 cell in the hole here at C.S.P., F1 - 18 cell. In three days from now, unless I cut out of the hole, I’ll do it again. I got my basic hygiene items, and a book I’m reading called A.D. 30. The longest they can keep me in the hole is 14 days, and usually if your banged up as bad as me, you stay in the whole time to heal. I’m doing a life sentence for strangling a big-time child molester, that raped two young boys, to death in county jail in Fort Smith, Arkansas 9//16//10. Google, Mr. Ashley Eugene Kaufman from Brewton, Alabama and read all about it. I was took to Varner Super Max, Grady Arkansas right beside the Cummins Unit where they killed all those death row inmates in 2018. Watch Life and Deathrow on Discovery and you’ll see the guys I was right beside in cellblock 449 cell, that died violently because the lethal injection wasn’t working properly. I cannot mention the guy’s names in this bio. But one of the guys had been raped violently back in the day in AR prison and the other guy had escaped and killed again, then was caught and put on deathrow, he had given his life to the Lords and to this day, he was either the best Christian I’d ever see or he out shined every A list actor there is. Still yet, I watched the same state criminal law system, violently kill both these men, while at the same time take the rest of my freedom for life for doing the same thing they had just done.  Murder is Murder, no way around it. I love this country and what it claims to represent, United States, land of the free, home of the brave. But we have more mass incarceration than any other country, for your research. Two wrongs never make a right. This is my purpose, my voice, my fight, right here, right now true unveiling. I have a real model that I’m romantic with and out shines every woman I’ve ever been with in this life, there is no comparison to her and I respectfully got her approval before posting this ad. I have plenty of money on my account and support from my girl, So I’m not looking for handouts or just lonely in prison. My word is my bond, I look a man in the eyes when I shake his hand, that is true gold to me. I do no hate anyone for being different than me, only ones I hate are intentional liars, scammers, rapist, child molesters, animal beaters or killers, thieves and anyone who takes advantage of women, children or men that are weaker than themselves. Now, I do not smoke, drink, or get high but I also do not judge those that do. I try to do what I say, and say what I do. I do not practice any religion, although I do know that God, Jesus, The Holy Ghost, Satan, Baphomet, Baal and aliens are real as the nose on your face. I’ve never had encounters with Aliens@ all, but the others, many times on extreme levels, planes of existence if you will. Look around, Covid 19, how divided our country is, wars, the turmoil, there is reason for all of it, take a second from the normal distractions of life and consider true purpose and the path of creation and you will see the true unveiling. This my purpose, I am, who I am, this is my path, my journey, it’s the secret life, the knowledge of such great wisdom. I wish only to connect, and build in a positive manner with like-minded people. Do not be so distracted by politics or anything man made, anything man made is not perfect and will rust and tarnish, anything. But only such rare and valuable relationships with strong moral and loving fibers will last in this life and beyond.

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Serving A Life Sentence
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