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Tyrone Harris
Hello! I come respectfully in hopes to brighten someone's day. My muscles and witty smile are very manly. Open to any race of a nice respectful real woman. I seeks good conversation, friendship, self-control, sexual, funny, loving, caring person and experienced as I.

Though I’ve made some mistakes in the past, I can rest assure you, I am not the type of person the system tries to make me out to be though I put myself in situations I shouldn’t have.

My first time down at age 18, dealing with a crazy ex-teen girlfriend in 1996 got me caught up, which I’m not that type of person to disrespect children, females or women, so please hear my side and restrictions waived back, then in my favor by the judge.  I got out in 2007, working on good paying jobs, nice cars, but got into the wrong relationships with certain women who didn’t appreciate a good man like me that likes to provide, show gratitude and love hard. I can’t stand drama, the nagging, accusing and going thru personal belongings and the sad part about it is that it’s been problems with my own race of woman. But not all and most of all.

I have had good relationships where there was no problems and I guarantee you they can say a lot of good things about me. I don’t have any children, but I was a good role model and provider for some of my stepchildren in the past, because that’s what kind of a man I am. I come from a good family and I have never been married.

I’m 43, 6’3”, 230 lbs. And I love to work out, stay in shape.  I’ve always been the kind of person to turn the most negative things into positive. I love to smile, especially when I feel like crying. Staying full of energy, plus praying and keeping the faith because I believe in GOD.

So far, I’ve completed a therapeutic diversion and cognitive intervention program. I’m from Dallas, TX and I plan to start a small lawn service business.

The robbery case is in relation to someone I knew who owed me money and I overreacted, but I have made a tremendous change within myself. I’m just taking life one day at a time, no matter how stressful things get, which my family is very supportive of me.

I love to read, write music, dance, poems,and meditate. Been incarcerated since 2012 on a 15 year sentence. Up for parole in 2021.

As I stated, I seek to write someone who is nonjudgmental as I, and believe there are some that deserve a second chance and everyone has a story to tell.

Everyone in life has flaws, mistakes regardless how we look, what we stand for or believe. I believe I’m that one a person can learn from. I’m all about honesty, and willing to share anything with you.
Tell me about your day, hobbies, etc.

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God Bless

African American
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