Aaron Fedrick
It is my deepest and truest hope that I am given this opportunity to meet some amazing new individuals.

I feel this is what makes this such an interesting, beautiful and courageous moment; because you and I are two "mysteries"on the path to getting to know one another and establishing something unique and everlasting. I am truly seeking to meet someone with an outgoing, sweet, and loving personality; someone who is a conversationalist with a stimulating conversation, a genuine understanding, and someone who has the capability to uphold the true meaning of the words: LOVE, REALNESS, and CONSISTENCY.

I'm praying to meet someone I can build with mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and just converse with on all levels of life. I'm looking for a true friend, understand that age, race, and sexuality are all irrelevant to me; I do not place barriers on friends.

Being incarcerated is an everyday struggle and challenge; please understand and know that the things I am faced with and currently going through was not meant for me to endure "ALONE". So if you're reading this, realized it wasn't just some coincident or lucky break, believe that there is something definite and special our higher power wanted you to recognize; he wanted us to get through our everyday struggles and challenges together, because roads like these were not meant to be travel alone.

As for me, I'm a very laid-back, easy-going, compassionate person. I'm spontaneous and open-minded. I'm down to earth and always try to be at my best. Life is too short, so I push to make every moment count. My life is an open book please don't judge this book by its cover. First try opening the book and reading it. I can assure you that you won't be disappointed…

Aaron Fedrick # 1834044
Allred Unit
2101 FM 369 
Iowa Park, TX 76367 USA
Burglary of a Habitat
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-10-18
Ad Expiration:05-10-19