Robert Thomas
Thanks for showing interest beyond the ordinary perception of my profile. I'm honored. 

If I may introduce myself formally, I'm Robert. My friends call me "Diamond". No, not for jewelry but for the pressure I've withstood. Or should I say withstand due to my present incarceration.

At this time I'm a G5 inmate. Meaning I have no privileges. I'm locked in my cell 22 hours a day. No phone, no TV, and very limited knowledge of the outside world. Other than my radio, I only have my thoughts for entertainment.

I retire evenings decifering any and everything in print. I perform sit ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks for cardio. I also enjoy writing, however I have no one outside to write. Which leads to my profile.

I'm an Aries, compatible with the universe yet opposition to obtuseness. I'm attracted to mature comprehensive people. I'm loyal, down to earth and seek the same in a companion. I'm not choosy nor am I looking for anything exclusive. Just fun, stimulating conversation. You know, like someone to caress my mane and make me smile.

I'm heterosexual, not into homosexuals nor transgender's. I will not respond to any male penpals. I'm not homophobic I just don't communicate with men. I'm a ladies man, I love female body parts. Her thoughts, her smell, her smile. Ain't nothing like a woman, and there's nothing like being without one neither.

More about myself, I'm a fly flamboyant guy. Rich in character, very self-conscious, and indebt to fashion. The bad-I have a cyber sized ego, I choose loyalty over royalty and have a very handsome smile that demands diligence from a clairvoyant woman.

A bright light,in a dark place.

Robert Thomas # 1829000
Hughes Unit
Rt 2 Box 4400  
Gatesville, TX 76597 USA
African American
Possession with Intent to Deliver
Release Date
Ad Start: 03-12-20
Ad Expiration:03-12-21