Sedwric Clark # 182899
Louisiana State Prison
17544 Tunica Trace
Angola   LA   70712   USA
Sedwric Clark
Hello, my name is Sedwric Clark. With prayer and by blessed opportunity, if you my dear friend find the comments in this ad and believe them to be genuine, would you consider becoming someone that I could meet and possibly we become close acquaintances over time. Yes, I happen to be, due to having poor legal representation a death row prisoner. However, this location doesn’t describe the accurate truth about who I really am as an individual. Which is why I decided to join the PrisonPenPal Organization so that I could meet someone and have them discover who I am personally. At this present time in my life, I’m only allowed to have a few activities. I try to exercise regularly through the week, in order to maintain good physical health and emotional positivity. I believe in GOD, but not very religious. Enjoy listening to contemporary gospel music, Jazz, and love songs through the day sometimes. And in other leisure moments, I’ll read from my small collection of books.

To contact me, please go to: and just type in my name, address, etc. And then hopefully, we can meet and possibly develop a unique, comfortable friendship. Looking forward to chatting with you soon. And Thank You for your interest and caring enough to ready my Ad.

God Bless. With Sincere Regard,

Women, Men, Friends, Donations
African American
Death Row
Ad Start: 07-22-2021
Ad Expiration: 09-22-2022