Alex Cordova
Alex Cordova # 182686
Centennial Correctional
P O Box 600
Canon City   CO   81215   USA
To the Beautiful woman reading this:
I want you to know I appreciate you taking the time to potentially get to know me. My name’s Alex but my loved ones call me Craze. I'm born & raised in Colorado Springs. I'm currently 5 years into a 10-year sentence. Although I'm in this situation I've never allowed the time to do me and am extremely grateful for how this time has molded me into the man I am today!  I wake up every morning with a go in mind & a smile on my face!

I utilize this time to self educate & strengthen myself mentally, physically &  spiritually. I'm a man of integrity and morals. I value family and loyalty to the highest degree. I love to laugh & smile and if given the opportunity I'd strive to keep a smile on your face too!  I have a big heart most times that can be my downfall but I won't allow misfortune to change who I am or how I treat others. I came from struggles so I learned to embrace the struggle and use it as hunger for success and a better day. Being alone in a cell with nothing but thoughts has taught me a lot, especially the importance of company. I've had a lot of people come into my life and disappear without warning. Temporary people and hollow words are things I've come all too familiar with. All I want is someone to talk to, relate to and truly get to know.

This is only a glimpse of who I am. I don't believe in accidents or coincidences. I believe everything happens for a reason. Out of all the profiles you came across mine, so why not take a leap of faith instead of wondering what could have been?

You can respond thru J-Pay be sure to leave your contact information in the letter.

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Hispanic, Native American
Aggravated Robbery
Release Date