Nathan Ellyson
Hi, my name is Nathan.

I am 27 years old. I am 6ft 1in tall and 240 pounds. I grew up in Lincoln City off and on for the last 19 years.

Some things that I look for in people are, they have are open minded to trying new things. That they are also willing to speak up and say what is on there mind. And willing to stick up for what they believe in.

Some things about myself are I like to go on hikes. I also like to work on cars and trucks,camp, go 4 wheeling, ride dirk bikes and quads. I spend a lot of time outdoors when I am on the street. I like tattoos, I plan on getting most of my body covered. So far I only have a few but I have so many more that I want. I also like to have BBQs and just hang out and have fun.

A little about how i got in trouble. A few years back I got into Meth. At first it was a thing that I did on the weekends. I thought I could control it and I was wrong for sure. After  about a year I moved away and moved to Idaho. Six months later I came back to Oregon and that is when I started to sell it to make extra cash and it took over my life.

Some things I plan on doing when I get out is start a career. I want to get into something that I will be good at like welding or some kind of business. Maybe even go back to school.

Well thank you for reading and if there is something that makes you want to know more please don't be afraid to ask.
Nathan Ellyson # 18064483
Mill Creek Correctional Facility
2605 State Street
Salem, OR 97310 USA
Women, Friends
3 Counts of ID Theft, 2 UUMV
Release Date
Ad Start: 06-28-18
Ad Expiration:06-28-19