Hi my name is Frederick Jones B/K/A SMACK.  I'm 41 years old from Louisiana but I stayed in Fort Worth, Texas.  I'm doing time, however I feel extremely optimistic that it will be reduced when the court's review my case.  Hopefully you don't allow that to discourage you and keep you from writing and wanting to get to know the person that is me.

The sole purpose for my communication is to seek correspondence with the intention of building a solid friendship through a strong bridge of communication. A genuine friendship is what I'm seeking, nothing more and absolutely nothing less.

With that said it's not nor will it ever be my intention to attempt to sell you a dream, create an illusion or operate under the cloak of deception, it's my only desire if blessed with your presence to plant a seed of friendship in hopes of reaping a bouquet of happiness.

More about me, my friends consider me to be loyal, honest, silly and Very smart.  This is why everything I'm doing I'll say I'm simply rehearsing my knowledge.  I’m the seeker of trust, it’s the sharpest blade a man can weld.

Sincerely, Mr. Jones


Frederick Jones # 1794400
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Gatesville   TX   76597   USA
Frederick Jones
Women, Men, Friends, Donations,
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African American, Native American
Capital Murder
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Serving A Life Sentence
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