Clifford Winkles # 17940-112
FCC Coleman USP II
P O Box 1034
Colemn   FL   33521   USA
Clifford Winkles
Hey there,
My name is Clifford and I’m looking for someone cool to correspond with.  I’ve been locked up since 2000, 21years straight.  Though I’m still a down-to-earth type of person, who has an open mind, and a good head on his shoulders.  I’ve been told I have a good heart and that I’m a good friend to have in one’s corner.  Hopefully you’ll find out for yourself first-hand.

To tell you a little bit about myself----I came to prison at 18 years old, barely an adult---and I’m locked up for my participation in a bank robbery.  They broke me off when they sentenced me---at the moment my current release date is in 2035, though I do believe my sentence will be shortened drastically soon.

Stick around and let’s find out together?!?!  While incarcerated, I play a lot of sports, I also draw and tattoo.  I’m a very good artist, you’ll see.  In addition to my artistic abilities, I’m also a hard worker and I have great leadership qualities.  I’m naturally multi-taskful as well.

On a more personal note---I’m originally born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  (I’m presently incarcerated in Florida but that’s only because I’m a “Federal” prisoner and federal prisoners are imprisoned all thorough out the states).   I have one older brother.  He’s 4 years older than me.  I also have two parents that are awesome and loving!  My parents were married for nearly 4 decades before my father, (RIP) unfortunately passed away in 2015. My mother was a wonderful mom.  She taught me to be responsible and independent, I simply chose the wrong path.

Anyways, I would be honored to hear from you.  We can talk about whatever you want, I’m a good listener, I’d be honored to hear back from you.  If you write me, I’ll write back.  Regardless of your style, your laugh, your look, your beliefs, etc., I’d still want to hear from you.  Don’t convince yourself otherwise.  I’m game to meet anyone.  I’d like to make you laugh and receive the same.  Feel free to ask what you want.  I’m not shy nor do I plan on starting to be!  I’ll be here if you write.   I hope you like what I’ve shared, I have a lot more to say, I’m hoping you want to hear more.

You take care and remember to smile.  Life’s good.
Sincerely, Clifford

Bank Robbery, Conspiracy
2034, Maybe next year
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