Romance Armstrong
Romance Armstrong  # 17867-030   
USP Allenwood 
P O Box 3000 
White Deer, PA 17887 USA
What's up world!

My name is Romance Armstrong.I'm 31 years old from Davenport, Iowa. I'm currently on the short end of my bid so I'm hoping to find a friend that's willing and caring enough to help me get through this unwanted circumstance for which I'm forced to endure. Based on the condition of my environment I was caught with a gun, but definitely acknowledge the fact that I'm blessed to have this experience behind me.

My intentions on this site are to become acquainted with people from all walks of life.

I enjoy good conversation as well as writing, reading and sports. On top of all that I would love to have the opportunity to help kids overcome the same streets I once loved.

While incarcerated I've  enrolled in programs that hold a great substance in helping me to further my goals. So I would hope that my current situation wouldn't rob you from getting to know a good person. So hopefully whatever it is that caught your attention you won't allow it to end here.

African American
Felon in Possession of Gun
Release Date
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